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Cleaning & Maintenance

Per our training protocol and user manual:

Aiding by our Cleaning & Maintenance protocol, ensures Vaporox's biggest concern: Patient Safety. Please make sure any of your staff using the Vaporox VHT-200 understands whats required below:

Vaporizer Cleaning Process: (please refer to the User Manual for complete instructions)


To disassemble Vaporozier:
Disassemble the three Vaporizer components by: 
a.  Push in on both tabs of the Vaporizer lid. 
b. With both tabs pushed in, pull and detach the lid of the Vaporizer from the base. 
c. Unthread and remove fill cap from vaporizer lid, and drain remaining liquid into a sink. 

Evening Routine:

  1. Empty the Vaporizer: Ensure that the vaporizer is emptied every evening.
  2. Clean with Mild Soap: Gently clean the vaporizer using mild dish soap and luke warm water. Be careful not to submerge the vaporizer as it contains electronic components.
  3. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse the vaporizer with water.
  4. Pat Dry: With a lint-free gently dry the vaporizer
  5. Spray with Isopropyl: Lightly spray the vaporizer with 70% isopropyl alcohol to aid in air drying overnight.

Morning Routine:

  1. Assemble Vaporizer
  2. Turn on equipment module
  3. Install Vaporizer on equipment module
    1. Check the screen status, it should first say "Measuring Level", then it should prompt "Please Add Fluid."
  4. Open the blue cap of the Vaporizer
    1. Pour about 3/4's of a 5ooml bottle of treatment solution into the blue cap. 
    2. Wait for the screen status to say "Preparing Vaporizer."
    3. Pour the remaining 1/4 of the 500ml bottle of treatment solution.
    4. If an overfill alarm activates, do not turn off the device. Allow the vaporizer to finish preparing, and the alarm will clear on its own.
  5.  Preparing Vaporizer
    1. This may take several minutes please make sure to do this early in the morning to ensure the system will be ready when needed.

During the Day:

  • Add Solution as Needed: After several treatments, the device will prompt you when it's time to add more treatment solution. Here’s how to proceed:
    • Open a new 500ml bottle, but refill cautiously—pour only half of the bottle into the blue cap of the vaporizer, aiming for 250ml remaining. Use the graduations on the bottle for guidance.
    • Reserve the half-filled bottle for subsequent refills as directed by the device, not for the initial fill at the start of the day.
  • Equipment Sanitization: Wipe down the pole, equipment, and basin between every treatment and at the end of every treatment day.


Vaporox Support:

  • Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Vaporox Support.
      • Support is available from 8AM-4PM MST M-F.
      • Phone: 303-223-0033
      • Text: 303-223-0033
      • Email:

      We are committed to providing you with reliable support to ensure your treatment proceeds smoothly.