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Filling a Vaporizer with a 500ml Bottle

    Initial Filling Process:

    1. Use One Bottle: At the start of your day, use just one 500ml bottle.
    2. Pour Carefully: Since the bottles are slightly overfilled, initially pour about three-quarters of the bottle into the blue cap.

    Monitoring and Additional Pouring: 3. Wait for Indication: Wait until the screen status changes to "preparing vaporizer".

    1. Complete the Pour: Then, add the remaining quarter of the bottle into the blue cap.

    In Case of Overfill: 5. Handling Overfill Alarms: If an overfill alarm is triggered, keep the device powered on. The vaporizer will finish preparing, and the alarm will clear by itself.

    Subsequent Refills: 6. Additional Refills: The device will alert you when more treatment solution is needed after several treatments.

    1. Use Half a Bottle: For refills, open a new 500ml bottle but only pour in half, leaving about 250ml.
    2. Save Remaining Solution: The remaining 250ml should be used for subsequent refills as indicated by the device, rather than for the initial daily filling.


    Support Contact:

    • If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Vaporox Support.

    We hope these instructions assist you in effectively using your vaporizer. Your diligence in following these steps ensures optimal performance of your device.


    **Please reference images below**



    Assemble the vaporizer that was cleaned the night before. Once the vaporizer is installed properly this is what the screen should read "Please Add Fluid".


    Once the vaporizer has been filled appropriately, the fluid gauge will read full. And the status will read "Measuring Level".


    Next the screen status should read "Preparing Vaporizer". This only happens at the beginning of your day. The vaporizer has two areas, the water is initially poured into the lower level. Preparing is when the "pump" crystal throws the water up into the upper bowl. Once the upper bowl is filled preparing is complete. 


    • When the vaporizer is preparing you will see the "pump" crystal throw water to fill the top vapor bowl. This may take several minutes. IMG_7302
    • At no point will the vaporizer water level need to be higher then the seam of where each half of the vaporizer meets each other. 
    • IMG_7306
    • System Ready- you are ready to Begin Treatment, before you tap that button, make sure your total treatment time is the desired amount you want. Default is 4 cycles: 56 minutes.
    • The "-" button under the begin treatment will set the treatment to 42 minutes (3 cycles).

      1 cycle is:
      9 minutes of vapor
      5 minutes of concentrated oxygen