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Stuck on Measuring Level

Please be aware if this status is causing any issues or delays they do not generate an error code, which means that our team does not receive an automatic notification. To assist us in diagnosing and resolving the problem, please see below:


Issue Description: If the fluid level bar on your device is fluctuating and fails to stabilize, thus preventing the commencement of treatment, please follow these steps:

  1. Check for Unlevel Floors:

    • Be aware that unlevel floors can sometimes cause this issue. Ensure that the device is positioned on a stable and level surface.
  2. Wait Before Interaction:

    • Refrain from touching or moving the device for 5 seconds. This allows it to attempt to stabilize and accurately measure the fluid level.
  3. Switch to Backup Vaporizer:

    • If the issue persists, please use your backup vaporizer to continue treatment without delay.
  4. Resources:

If the problem persists:

  • Please contact Vaporox Support for assistance. Support is available from 8AM-4PM MST M-F.
    • Phone: 303-223-0033
    • Text: 303-223-0033
    • Email:

We are committed to providing you with reliable support to ensure your treatment proceeds smoothly.