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Low O2 Warning

Your equipment module has showed you this message because the o2 concentrator % has went below the normal operating range. Running o2 maintenance will help increase the o2 %. Important to note, if you are able to start a treatment the o2 % is within a safe range. 

  1. Please make sure to navigate to the wrench logo
  2. Press the o2 maintenance button.
    1. Run o2 maintenance as much as possible on non treatment days, on treatment days feel free to run the o2 maintenance in between treatments.


If the problem persists:

  • Please refrain from using the device and contact Vaporox Support for assistance. Support is available from 8AM-4PM MST M-F.
    • Phone: 303-223-0033
    • Text: 303-223-0033
    • Email:

We are committed to providing you with reliable support to ensure your treatment proceeds smoothly.