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Low Oxygen Concentration Fault Error Code: 00000400

Immediate Attention Required

Your device has detected a low oxygen concentration below the required threshold. As a result, the device has been disabled due to the average o2% being under our threshold.

Urgent Steps to Take:

  1. Power Off: Press the power button to turn off the device.

  2. Contact Support Immediately:

    • Due to the device being disabled indefinitely, please reschedule any patients for VHT for the remainder of the day. 
    • Please have your schedule for the remainder of the week for scheduled VHT patients, this will help support with replacement shipment speed. 
    • Call or Text Support: 303-223-0033
  3. Resources:

Support Availability:

  • Please refrain from using the device and contact Vaporox Support for assistance. Support is available from 8AM-4PM MST M-F.
      • Phone: 303-223-0033
      • Text: 303-223-0033
      • Email:

We are committed to providing you with reliable support to ensure your treatment proceeds smoothly.