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Treatment Pole Set Up is Sticking or Jammed?

If you encounter an issue where the treatment pole is not extending or telescoping out properly during setup, please follow these steps:


  1. Check the Pole Alignment:

    • If the outer pole has been pushed into the inner pole near the bend, it may cause the pole to stick.
  2. Loosen the Textured Ring:

    • Turn the textured ring on the pole to the left. This ensures the ring is not in a locked position.
  3. Apply Force to Unjam:

    • If the outer pole is jammed, carefully twist and pull it away from the inner pole. This may require some force to loosen.
  4. Extend and Lock the Pole:

    • Once loosened, extend the parallel pole to the desired position.
    • Secure it by tightening the textured ring to the right, locking it in place.
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Need Further Assistance?

  • If the problem persists or if you require additional guidance, please contact Vaporox Support for further assistance.
    • Support is available from 8AM-4PM MST M-F.
        • Phone: 303-223-0033
        • Text: 303-223-0033
        • Email:

We are committed to providing you with reliable support to ensure your treatment proceeds smoothly.